About Matley Software

Matley Software is a company founded by Dominic Sexton in 2002 to develop software, create & host websites and to provide support services.

Dominic has been working with PCs since the mid-eighties and has a degree in Ocean Electronics from Bangor University.

After graduating Dominic worked as a technician then manager in the oil industry conducting seismic surveys in many remote areas of different countries. In 1990 PCs were being introduced to provide technical functions to the survey crews. There were no local support services so problems with the hardware or operating systems had to be repaired by the survey technicians.

The first real PC problem facing Dominic was some 80 miles from the nearest road in Libya's Calanscio Sand Sea. It took much reading of technical manuals and experimentation (including a few wrong turns!) before the fault was diagnosed. It then took two weeks to get the replacement part to complete the repair.

In the years that followed Dominic got a reputation for being the person to contact if there were PC problems. One of the most entertaining assignments was in the Niger Delta, Nigeria where there was a lot of vandalised equipment after a riot and several computer virus infections that needed cleaning.

The exotic lifestyle of the international commuter is fine for a while but, like many before him, Dominic wanted to return home. He decided that it was time for something different and returned to the UK to set up his own business. After several years as a sole trader, under the name DS Computer Services, Matley Software was born.

Matley is a beautiful area of countryside half a mile from the office where Dominic enjoys running, cycling and walking the dog when not beavering away at the computer.