Support services

Having worked with PCs since the mid-eighties we have gained a considerable knowledge base of common problems and how to resolve them. We are often able to resolve problems or provide advice on the best course of action for far less than it would cost you with a large organisation. Customer satisfaction is very important to us so if we think you would be better off spending your money elsewhere we will tell you so.

Our main services are outlined below but we may be able to help you in other ways. Please contact us with details of your problem.

Backup strategies

All storage systems from hard discs and DVDRs to memory drives will eventually fail. It is therefore essential to have an effective backup strategy in place for when it happens. In addition to data loss from hardware failure the following can also lead to loss: human error, program error, power failure, ransomware/virus/malware infection, fire or theft.

The consequences of data loss can range from losing treasured digital photographs to companies going out of business so an effective, and fully tested, strategy is essential.

Matley can advise on the most appropriate on and off site backup strategies to protect your all important data.

Technical support

Matley offers technical support from the installation of a new PC to a setting up a complete network. Please get in touch to let us know your needs.

Virus/malware removal

We have over twenty-five years experience of removing computer viruses/malware and are usually able to remove them with the minimum of damage to your data. Although advice can be given by email or telephone it is usually necessary to visit the site to ensure the best service.

We recommend that you have an effective data backup strategy and use an up to date anti virus program at all times. That will not just reduce the chance of an infection but also lessen the impact if your systems do get infected.

Hardware repairs and upgrades

A technical support background and two decades of working with electronic and electrical hardware allows us to diagnose and repair faults quickly or carry out upgrades to most computers.

Data recovery

If you have suffered a hardware problem with a hard disk and think you may have lost important data we may be able to help.

Specialist data recovery firms will charge you huge sums to try and recover your data for you. Sometimes there is a simpler solution or the data is just not worth the fees they charge.

Without costing you a great deal we can verify the diagnosis and in some cases repair the problem or make a copy of the data. If not we can advise if a specialist firm is the best approach.